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Manurhin KMX 42

подкатегория токраный станок сЧПУ
производитель Manurhin
модель KMX 42
год выпуска 1990
управление CNC NUM 760 T
технические данные
turning diameter -
turning diameter over bed -
turning diameter over slide -
turning length 200
turning speed -
greates pass round over bed -
Swing diameter over cross slide
dimensions of the machine -
number of controlled axis -
power capacity --
tool numbers -
weight of the machine 3,1 t

Additional information:
CNC Lathe: Short turning lathe diameter 42 mm can only be sold togehter as package with project no. 140044 (Manurhin KMX 20- swiss automatic lathe), because the machines have only one single control together. accessories for both machines together: 1 adjustment (pre-setting) equipment 6 driven tool holders 25 fix tool holders working hours: 16.000

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