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Mikron Centromax




подкатегория станки с контурным переключением
производитель Mikron
модель Centromax
год выпуска 1995
управление Siemens 880
технические данные
diameter 1015 mm
X - travel 200 mm
Y - travel 200 mm
Z - travel 400 mm
degree 360°
stations 4
torque max. 120 Nm
turning speeds 5000 U/min
power capacity 6,6 KW
tool taper

Additional information:
the machine is suitable for machining complex sawing parts and formed parts with high project outlay. Because of the CNC programming the machine can be retooled quickly. transfer table D = 1015 mm (horizontal), 4 divisions witht 4 satellites (horizontal) with t-slots indexing 360x1° programmable centric clamping 2-jaw chuck station 1: loading and unloading station station 2,3,4: turret head ETR 6 each with 6 drilling-/milling spindles for tool system HSK. Thread cutting capacity in St60 up to M20, capacity 4 kW, torque 120 Nm about 40.000 working hours

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